Dunk’in Those Nuts!

Jacob and Justin are these two filthy frat-boys who we met a few months back, crazy guys who were always bragging about their sexploits.  We’re talking double-blowjobs on the beach, fucking in public, and once they even played a game of russian roulette – but instead of a gun, they had a group of girls but one of them was a shemale.  These guys didn’t give a fuck so long as they were the top and the world was their bottom.

Of course, I wasn’t sweating them – its my job to buy and sell sex tapes, so I toss them a business card and told them to check out the site – if they ever had something really good to brag about, they should get it on tape and make some money off it.  Most guys are impressed when they see someone in the industry, so yeah, I got some professional dick- and here’s a chance for them to prove it too, if they’re serious.  Intrigued by bravado – and physique – these fuckers took my card.  And then they realized I’m catering to a gay market – but you know what? So what?  Any little brat can fuck a girl – how much more “manlier” can they be if they make other guys into their bottoms?  They looked at me with doubt, but they kept the card.

Well lo’ and behold, its been a few weeks and these fuckers called me up with some hazing to do.  Temptation finally made them cave in, and they were intent on proving that they can make bottoms out of the world, and immediately we began discussing the domination of their pledges.

Straight guys never want a face full of balls – especially with frosting – so that’s exactly what we started off with.  So many of these guys “teabag” each other online in videogames, they couldn’t really act surprised to get teabagged in real life.  And then from face-to-ball we go to cock cleaning – and making them squeal like pigs!  These guys got revved up quick and delivered a dicking, making these pledges squirm and glazing their faces over to boot.

Because remember – straight guys will never hit a girl, but hitting a guy is honorable to them.  So by that same logic, any straight guy can fuck a girl – but fucking a guy is that much more epic to their ego, that much more proof of their own ‘dominance’ and manliness… right?


One step after another, they all cum to us…

Jake’s Revenge

Now this is a hot update!  Twisted bizarre gay hazing at its best!  So what happens is, this pledge got blacklisted – they didn’t let him into the frat - so he stole a Brother’s camera to out him.  I mean, normally I’d feel bad about outing anyone but this guy really was just taking advantage of all these pledges!  So gay!  So hot!

The pictures tell the story.  At the very beginning you see the pledge and another being induced to rub the Brother’s feet – oil them up, massage them – then his cock and then suck it!  Its super gay but they don’t want to leave empty-handed after all the hazing they’ve already suffered.

You’d think it’d be a one-time crazy thing between bros, right? No!

The Brother has all the young pledges line up and kiss the ass of their superiors.  Then while everyone is joking and laughing, he takes his dick out – and puts it on his fellow brother’s shoulder – and only then do they begin to suspect that this is a little gayer than they understood.  Later they walk in on him shaving – nothing too weird about being metro – except this guy just seems a little too perfect for a straight guy, you know?

Big night – out in public, they egg and feather the pledges as they run a gauntlet – but there he is again, the Brother, this time at the end, tugging on their cocks to show.  Demeaning – but not necessarily gay, right?  They rush the pledges to the showers, where they clean each other off – again, a little weird but it makes sense?

Ah – and then the big night.  The pledge apparently set up a video camera for this, recording in secret – when one evening, the Brother shows up wanting a blowjob.  Now I’m guessing if the pledge only blew him, he’d never submit this video – but the Brother goes as far as to get FUCKED, and this pledge has no shame about proving who, once and for all, is the top in this relationship.  He may not have made it into the fraternity, but he certainly made his money!  Good go!

Four Dicks Wrestling

Another phenomenal update!  So these brothers from over int he southwest decided it was time to punish their pledges.  Maybe they were telling the truth & their pledges were simply skipping events to avoid the humiliation – or maybe the pledges are just being pressured and manipulated to fuck with them further.  Who knows? Who cares!

Immediately the video kicks off with them picking up a recruit and corralling four of their errant flock into a dorm, where they rip the mattresses off the beds and use them like tatami mats, giving the guys space to work.  Then these force these recruits to strip down and wrestle against each other – but to what end?


These guys go at it, and the brothers are keeping tabs, because the ones who do the worse end up sucking dick! Oh but that’s not it. Not by a long shot.  As you can see by the pictures, guys fight and the loser grants a blowjob - but then another round of fights erupts, this time for fucking, and you can see that poor loser who got carried around the dorms naked now has to take a fat freshman cock, and he’s swearing and upset and thinking about joining his frat but now its too late to make any difference because he’s already getting his colon creamed.  Both losers get fucked doggystyle, then switching to missionary and cowboy respectively,  and well, its all good clean gay fun.

And the conclusion? The “winner” who came first is rolled around while taped up for further torture – but hell, you got to do what you got to do!

Room of Doom!

So this week’s submission is pretty unique – you see, at a lot of frat parties, the older members get bored, right?  They’ve fucked whichever girls they like, they’ve been to countless parties, they’ve seen it and done it.

Guys get bored.

Guys experiment.

Guys haze guys.

Rather than kick out pledges or do some cliche hazing, these guys were inspired because you can tell by their “Code Red” that they had pre-agreed on what the code meant: a pledge sneaking in to the party.  And to be honest, it almost seems like these guys might have thrown the party in order to capture brave yet foolish pledges.  Why? Well behold the Room of Doom – with the guys just waiting, cameras in hand.

Needless to say, it was a great video – they’d take all the trespassers upstairs and strip them down.  They do things in stages, making the investment gradual – a sort of “well we already got you naked on camera for Step A… so if you don’t do Step B, you don’t join the frat and we still have the video” – so easily everyone is motivated to do more extreme things.  And that’s what happens!

First couple of guys upstairs? Naked! And then they make one bury his face in the others ass.  They get more guys and make them streak downstairs, dancing nude.  They make these guys dance with the crowd and do push ups naked – all to prove how motivated and brave they are.  Oh, they’re too brave, too comfortable? Fine!  Next thing you know the pledges are lured one by one upstairs, where an unequal exchange takes place!  One dude has to give the finger to the other dude’s ass – but then the one who took it has to turn around and suck him off, getting cum all over his face!

The third pledge is allowed up as the other two get clean – and he’s made to suck two dicks, and then takes it in the ass and mouth!  During the escapade, the 4th guy wanders back upstairs looking for his clothing, seeing what’s going on – and there’s no way they’re letting him escape without participating!  Best way to keep a snoops mouth shut is by filling it with cock!  Ultimately both of them end up getting cum on their face, on camera, two obedient little bitch boys who know how to better blow their brothers.

No guts no glory

Send them their motherfucking money! These guys don’t fuck around – hazing in two acts!

These guys drove around, their pledges in blindfolds, setting them off to a bunch of tasks like:

  • streaking nude through a store & stealing clothes
  • flashing a sorority & stealing their dog
  • sending them to strip naked & wash their clothes
  • having them jerk off & nut in a store – then buy nuts
  • feeding them all rice crispies with cum on top

But the torment really began afterward – when they went over the footage and explain “you guys fucked up“. Guy number one was “Butters” – given the options of either:

  1. suck a dick
  2. ride an electronic dick
  3. get the fuck out

Needless to say, they dicked him over righteously!  You can see the disgust on his face as he’s sucking dick, the gag reflex – and when he’s unable to keep going at it, sucking his fellow pledge off, he decides to try the sybian! Squatting on an eletronic dick, they then turn the machine on so it vibrates all up his ass – and when he starts yelling, they make him suck dick again! Hahaha best of both worlds! Poor Butters!

Meanwhile one of the guys who failed to nut in the grocery store needs to also pay – not to mention the group leader who failed to put Butter’s in line!  You can see the leaders face turning red as he’s taking his first cock, while the other pledge is working out his nut!  Leader gets cum all on his balls, while Butter’s gets his face creamed, and then the frat leaders end the video with another pledge tied up with saran wrap, naked to a tree!

Watch the video from this update!