Preach Brother John!

Brother John does not fuck around.

Some fraternity in Ohio sent us this video, blindfolding and stripping down their pledges naked, screaming in their faces, slaps and spanks, you name it.

But hazing must teach lessons.  What lessons did they learn today?

Easy. The pledges were led around a campfire, holding each others cocks, to teach them to trust and follow one another in the dark (while blindfolded).

The guys were put into a circle-jerk – to teach team-work, respect and dependence on one’s brothers.

The guys were knelt, their heads held as they were forced to suck each other off - because the needs of your brothers cum first, and if you already gave him a handjob, it’s only proper to suck him off too.

The pledges got fucked.  Majorly.  Brother John does not fuck around – preach it!

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